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Население Бразилии, vigiljournal.com

In terms of population, Brazil ranks sixth in the world. The nation was formed on the basis of alliances of representatives of the Caucasian, Mongoloid and Negroid races.

Сухой закон в США

 The prohibition in the USA was established by the 18th amendment to the Constitution on 17.12.1917 (entered into force on January 17, 1920) and abolished by the 21st amendment on 5.12.1933. During this period, private storage and consumption of alcohol was not restricted, but its production, transportation through the country, sale, export and import to the territory of the United States of America were banned. It is the only case in the history of the USA, when one amendment abolished the other.

Озера Северной Америки - озеро Берг, vigiljournal.com

Canadian mountain lakes with clear blue water are wonderful in their cold, harsh beauty, and numerous posters have spread this beauty around the world. When it comes to the lakes of North America, immediately there is an association with the Great Lakes, but apart from them there are thousands of others that you should visit at least once in your life.

Нейрофизиология - российские высокие технологии

The reality of our time - the project Neuronet

 In Russia, from 2007 to 2015, a new program for the information development of society was adopted. It manifested itself in all spheres of human life, from the introduction of biometric passports to the technology of connecting the human brain with a computer and genetic engineering. The next stage in the development of neurophysiology involves the management of consciousness and the human body at the genetic level.

Революция в Америке

The Bolivian president said socialist governments in South America must launch democratic revolutions to counter U.S. plans to regain control.

Socialist governments in Latin America must relaunch “democratic revolutions” in order to combat the strategies in play by the United States to regain control of the region, Bolivian President Evo Morales said in an interview aired Monday night.

Мадуро, vigiljournal.com

Attorney General Alejandro Ordóñez said that the policy of persecution and systematic attacks against thousands of Colombians forcibly deported is a "crime against humanity".

The Attorney General of Colombia, Alejandro Ordóñez, had asked the ICC (International Criminal Court) to capture President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro and other officials of his government.

Самая далекая галактика, vigiljournal.com

Astronomers have discovered a young galaxy that is the farthest ever seen: it is 13,1 billion light years away and is among the first generation of galaxies in the universe.
Scientists from Yale and the University of California at Santa Cruz used three telescopes to spot and then calculate the age of the blurred galaxy. It is called EGS-zs8-1 and dates back some 670 million years after the Primordial Explosion (Big Bang) that gave birth to the universe.

засуха в США, vigiljournal.com

The Board of Control of the State Water Resources adopted rules requiring cities to limit watering of public property and encourage homeowners.
California regulators adopted unprecedented broad restrictions on how people and companies can use the water because of the intense drought in the state.
The Board of Control of the State Water Resources on Tuesday approved rules requiring cities to limit watering of public property and encourage homeowners to dry their lawns.

Артефакты древнего Египта, vigiljournal.com

Today USA returned to the government of Egypt dozens of ancient archaeological pieces that had been illegally smuggled into the country.
The pieces were recovered as part of operation "Curse of the Mummy" and handed over in the building of the National Geographic Society, including a Greco-Roman style sarcophagus, sculpture of a horse and multiple figurines.

Brazil, vigiljournal.com

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, acknowledged today that there is an "economic problem" in the country, although she hopes that the recovery will come later this year thanks to fiscal adjustments, made by the government.
"Without a shadow of doubt, there is an economic problem in the country. We had a very difficult economic situation," said Rousseff during a meeting with bloggers and journalists from several Brazilian news portals.