About Us

VIGIL (latin): totally awake, vigilant, beholder.

“VIGIL” International Journal published in Russian, English and Spanish languages. The edition is distributed to targeted members of the political, financial, industrial, and scientific elites in thirteen countries of the world: Russia, Spain, Portugal, UK, USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. Total edition - 5000 copies. Mass media official registration certificate: ПИ № ФС 77-50282 issued on 22.06.2012. ISSN 2304-9871.

The journal is divided into five main sections:

1) Politics

2) Economics and Finance

3) Industry, Science and Innovation

4) Culture and Education

5) The perspective approach


Here we discuss the current political events that influence the international situation, publish interviews with representatives of the political establishment of the countries, where the journal is distributed, give the analysis of the world's leading experts in the field of Political Studies.

Economics and Finance

This section is devoted to the global economy and its main trends, important financial and economic developments in the countries where the journal is distributed.

Industry, Science and Innovation

The section describes the industrial and manufacturing processes in the countries of the «VIGIL»; we discuss the current problems of the real sector of the economy, the new projects are presented to facilitate the establishment of mutually beneficial relations.

Education and culture

Materials section devoted to new educational technologies and methods, educational institutions, which train specialists in different fields. It also tells of the iconic cultural events affecting the life and worldview of our populations.

The perspective approach

This section serves as a "launching pad" for young professionals - university graduates and post-graduates as well as for people who can look at a problem from a different, unexpected point of view, and who can offer new and original solutions for various international issues and problems.