мировые достопримечательности,

Global warming, nature and man are causing changes in the ecosystem, so many parts of the world are threatened with extinction. So we have made a selection of tourist attractions you should see, because the forecasts suggest that they will not last long.

Алисия Родригес на Алтае

Alicia Rodriguez is a world renowned actress who played in 53 films and TV series and obtained nine awards as the Best Television Actress of Mexico. But the most important activity of her life she has been involved with during the last 27 years is self-sacrificing dissemination of the Banner of Peace and the Roerich Pact ideas related to protection of cultural values of world significance all over the globe.

Водопад Анхель

Let us go to the north of South America, namely, to Venezuela, which is extremely popular in terms of economic investments in the tourism sector. At Columbus time, the country was called the Land of Grace because of its abundant flora and fauna, and fertile soil. It is in these bountiful lands where the famous Canaima is located, which is mentioned in many stories, legends, fairy tales, films, folk art pieces, and works of art.