Purchasing real estate in Argentina

недвижимость а Аргентине

 Are you tired of the routine of your life, and you want to embellish it by moving to another country? Our desires are endless and not always we can afford anything we want. However, many do not realize that there are countries in which life is not a multi-million dollar luxury, and the benefits received abroad are quite suitable for our pocket expenses, including the purchase of housing.

 One such countries is Argentina, a country located in the southeast of South America , which is characterized by impeccable views, a pleasant sea climate and beautiful nature. In this country there are many multicultural cities offering property purchase services for a suitable amount of money, but there is one nuance - you must have the right and permission to purchase housing in the area. This includes, for example, the absence of previous convictions or problems with the authorities. It means that all law-abiding foreign citizens can openly use this service. The disadvantage is that when buying a property, a citizen loses his residence permit in Argentina, but the advantage is that the acquisition of housing gives grounds for obtaining an annual entry visa to this country.

Real estate in Argentina

 The system of purchasing a real estate in Argentina is similar to the usual for most of the countries. If you want to buy housing, the buyer must meet with a notary and certify the amount of payment and its payable period. After that a contract can be signed along with making the pledge, which must be made by the buyer to the seller of the real estate. Usually the amount of the first installment is 20-30% of the total payment. A trustee can act on behalf of the seller of the real estate, provided that he has a power of attorney signed in a lawful manner. The buyer can also act indirectly through a trustee. "Escritura" is a rather unusual and unfamiliar word, but this is just the name of the official paper with entries about your purchase contract, which is sent to the Property Register, where, in turn, it is assigned the volume, sheet and record number. After this operation has been completed, you can legally be considered the owner of your property.

 Any property in Argentina must be registered, in other words, it is recorded in the State Property Register, which is the main central bank of real estate. The databases of the Register contain all the information about this or that housing (or territorial land plots), as well as information about the owners and trustees. Also included here are records of the structure of real estate, the sizes and types of buildings, the number of floors in the house, etc. Each owner is given a special Information Sheet, according to which, by the right of ownership, contracts can be certified by the lawyers for the sale of housing. In the case of absence of such document, by law in Argentina, you simply cannot make any transaction of real estate.

Real etate in Argentina

 You, most likely, are interested in the most important thing - how much is real estate in Argentina costs? Think about it, if you compare the price of an apartment in Moscow and Argentina, the price for the second one will be lower, although the living conditions will be quite different from Moscow (and in a positive way). Why? Recently, Argentina has been stabilized in the economic and political sphere. No wonder, at present, in the cities of this country there are already fewer tenants and more and more owners. The price of renting an apartment here ranges from 200 to 600 US dollars, depending on its size and the number of rooms. If you come to Argentina for quite a long time, it would be more profitable to buy an apartment and become its owner than to pay the rent every month.

 Renovation, novelty of construction, the size of the area, and, not least, the location of the property, all this affects the price. But since territorially Argentina is located in a place of humid climatic conditions, the price here is affected even by the presence and number of windows in an apartment, as well as the remoteness from the ocean. Such conditions distinguish property in Argentina from many other countries.

Real estate in Argentina

 What should I look for in case you are going to purchase a property with additional land plots? The prices for such cottages range from 50 to 100 thousand US dollars. In Argentina you will easily get a loan to buy such lots in full, without the clearance of a huge number of unnecessary additional documents and certificates, but the pledge will already be the property itself. Accordingly, if a person for some reason is unable to pay on time (or even pay at all) a loan, his property will be  put up for an auction, and then, more often, it will be sold the bank that issued a loan for this type of housing.