Elections in Bolivia - record high turnout and few incidents

Выборы в Боливии,

Some six million Bolivians attended the polls today to elect nine governors and 339 mayors, among other regional authorities on a day which saw a high turnout and only minor incidents.
Reports from the Bolivian Information Agency (ABI), which quoted the government, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and international observer missions, detailed the course of the elections.
Also during the elections 4500 regional authorities have been nominated.
The president of the TSE, Wilma Velasco said, that the elections day was "normal" and showed "good attendance" to the polls.
Similarly, the head of the observer mission of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), Wilfredo Penco, highlighted the "proof to the whole world of the great public spirit" demonstrated by the Bolivian people.
Government Minister, Hugo Moldiz considered that election day to be "very positive" even taking into account some reported facts which require consideration and failure to prevent the installation of polling stations in neighborhoods of Beni.

The election day on Sunday was the Electoral Act No. 21 since the restoration of democracy in 1982.
Some minor incidents were resolved immediately by the authorities.
The opposition party Sovereignty and Freedom ( denounced the distribution of ballots to a printing error, but the TSE replaced them.