To care beautifully. To love Beautifully. To live Beautifully. MB-Belyaevo! The first official dealer of "Mercedes-Benz" In Russia

МБ-Беляево, Мерседес-Бенц,

“MB-Belyaevo” - 20 years of motion ahead!
In January 1992 the Russian automobile market saw a significant event: in the south of Moscow first authorized dealership of “ Mercedes-Benz” was opened. It was the first not only in Russia but throughout the CIS. “ MB-Belyaevo”, based on the principle of sincere love for client, has been successfully developing for 20 years.

 “Mercedes Benz” cars have always been welcome and are now considered to be benchmark and indicator of status. Being the owner of such a car - is prestigious, to be a dealer of “Mercedes Benz” – is honor, and to become the first official partner of the brand in the country – is a special honor. Largely for this reason the platform which it all began from is so important.

 In Europe or America auto sales centers have not changed during the past two decades as if time stood still while in Russia the situation is quite the other way round.The complex of auto center “Mercedes Benz” located on Academica Volgin street originally consisted of two small buildings that housed a showroom for a few cars and repair area. Soon a training center was accommodated there, which for several years was the only one on the post-Soviet area. Its graduates have successfully worked and are working not only in JSC “MB-Belyaevo” but in dealership centers launched later “AZR - star car of Russia”, “Panavto” and others.

 Emergence of competitors did not affect the success of the auto center in Belyaevo: the market grew, customers were put on the waiting list a week ahead and they came literally from everywhere. The decision to expand the area came by itself. And in 1996 car dealership center had its own separate service shop, and a year later - a new showroom.

 New standards opened new prospects for business. Although the late 90s proved to be extremely difficult for automotive market, “Mercedes Benz” brand again proved to be unrivaled success and popularity. In 1998-2000 sales of Stuttgart car did not fall, but continued to grow at enviable pace for its competitors (by 20-40% per year).

 A new stage in the history of car sales began in 2007: “Corporation Autocapital” which is part of the largest Ukrainian holding “UkrAvto” became owner of “MB-Belyaevo”. At that time, the Ukrainian owner already had a longstanding history of cooperation with “Mercedes Benz” and was willing to share knowledge and best practices with the management of the Moscow dealership center.

 In 2008 “MB-Belyaevo” acquired its present image: a two-storeyed showroom with total area of 1300 square meters, where the second level is designed for vehicles with mileage, repair area with 22 service and 11 body builders’ posts, three posts of washing and training center. Neighborhood territory has also changed with parking for 350 lots.

 Renovation contributed to new developments in the field of marketing. In 2009 “MB-Belyaevo” won a silver medal award “Brand of the Year / Effie 2009” in the category of “Auto Moto”. In the crisis year the auto center oversaw a development strategy. Thanks to substantial investment support of “Corporation Autocapital” auto center was able to almost double its marketing budget, while the other players on the market cut similar costs. New projects were launched: programs of loyalty and discount offers, providing service discounts when buying new car. All these actions have led to an increase in sales volumes by 12% and a number of service contracts by 11%. The loyalty program is improving today. “MB-Belyaevo” arranges happy holiday parties for clients, not only due to emergence of a new model, but also give people an opportunity to simply relax in the pleasant company.

 Capital market for premium cars continues to evolve and expand nowadays. Representative office of “Mercedes-Benz Rus” also plans to expand its dealer network. But in the face of increasing competition, “MB-Belyaevo” relies on experience: a professional team of mechanics has formed within 20 years. Therefore, among the clients who come to Belyaevo, there are many of those who bought their car from another dealer. People know: if there is a problem with the car or it needs serious repair, one needs to drive right here because there is no need to worry about quality of work performed.

 A cohesive and professional team – is the main asset, which dealership center has accumulated over for two decades and is proud of. General director of “MB-Belyaevo” Vyacheslav Burlakov says: “The basic principle of our work is love to our clients. My goal is to ensure that every employee, communicating with clients or working with the car should try to walk in their clients’ shoes. We strive to anticipate expectations even in trifles. Then the pickiest customer will be satisfied and will always come back to us. This is the main principle which we are working on now and try to bring to perfection”.