Latin America

Симон Боливар

For most countries in Latin America Simon Bolivar is not only representing freedom from the colonial past, but also the national idea that in different countries has overcome an excellent, complex and long path of development and formation. Another important fact is that S. Bolivar was a Creole, and the liberation movement was initiated by the followers of the Spaniards. It was then picked up all over the continent and evolved over time to be used by the local population.

Константин Косачев

How would you evaluate the efficiency of involvement with the compatriots from the time it was decided to resume such involvement?

Бедность в Латинской Америке

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES (14/JUN/2013.) - The Latin American and Caribbean countries in 2011 managed to have a greater number of people living in the middle class than in poverty, but the region is still far from reaching the prosperity of the rich countries as one out of four Latin Americans lives on less than four dollars a day, reported the World Bank on Friday.

Леса – это легкие планеты

Only after the last tree has been cut down,
Only after the last river has been poisoned,
Only after the last fish has been caught,
 Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.
 (Cree Indian Prophecy)


20 years is an insignificant moment for a planet’s life, but it is considerable time for the development of a state, as for a man it is a long period. Exactly two decades ago at the Summit on Earth Problems in Rio de Janeiro leaders from more than 100 countries after approving “Agenda for 21 century” worked out a program on sustainable development security.

Традиционный вкус Чили

Archaeological findings in Monte-Verde prove that people lived on the territory of contemporary Chile 12 thousand years ago. According to researchers’ opinion, they built their life in a strict concord with natural cycles and created their culture in harmony with environment. Meals were cooked from wild fruit and meat hunted animals. Both people and certainly their meals have changed through millennia. Chilean cuisine developed actively and kept the most delicious meals after trying thousands of recipes.