Peru - historical monuments of the Incas

Перу - исторические памятники инков

The mysteries of ancient civilizations left by the Inca Indians, the unique natural beauty of nature, the fairly high level of service in hotels and the quite loyal prices of tourist services have made Peru a real paradise for tourists.

 Tourists, arriving in this country, as a rule, immediately go to examine the historical monuments of the ancient civilizations.

 The reputation of the most beautiful city of Peru is rightfully deserved by Arequipa. In this city you should take a leisurely stroll through the central square of Psalm-de-Armas, visit the Jesuit church of La Campania, see the building of the Casa de Lamoneda, formerly a mint, a snow-white cathedral.

Arequipa, Peru

 The famous Inca city - Pisak, is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Here you can see the remains of the ancient fortification, which served as a reliable defense of the city from attacks by neighboring tribes. Here, in the Sacred Valley are located, attracting the attention of tourists, the village-fortress of Inca Chinchero and the town of Ollantaytambo, built in the form of a trapeze.

 The city of Trujillo was founded in the colonial era and has so far preserved its unique, connecting European and local style in architecture. Visit the city square of Psalá de Armas, the cathedral, the museums of Cassiniel and archeology, the town hall and various monasteries. In the suburbs, you can see quite a few ruins of ancient temples - fortresses and various structures.

 The Nazca desert is a unique memo of history. A stone plateau on which people, birds and beasts are engraved with straight lines, some of them have never lived in this area. Presumably, they were created in 350-700 years before the new era. These largest images are only visible from a bird's eye view. You can carefully inspect them, by flying over them in a helicopter. This service is provided by local travel agencies. In the area of the Nazca desert, there is the oldest necropolis of Chauchilla.

Nazca desert, Peru

 In Peru there is a unique and famous Kolka canyon, which gained its popularity due to its maximum depth.

 In the east of the country - Selva, you can plunge into the atmosphere of a unique virgin nature. The nature of this area does not cease to amaze with its variety: wood, vanilla, rubber, Sarsaparilla and a huge number of bright tropical flowers ... Amazonian dolphins, caimans and representatives of rare birds live here.

 It will be interesting to learn more about the life of local Indian tribes living in these jungles. They have preserved their traditions since ancient times.

 Sand dunes with the Oakachi Oasis, the Kaehon de Wailas Valley, Tukume with natural pyramids and Sipan with the tomb of Peruvian culture, the Paracas Reserve, famous for the colony of sea lions and pink flamingos, the Huascaran Park, the Chudi area of the ancient city of Chiang Chan, for the sake of all this worth visiting Costa.

Oakachi Oasis, Peru

 In Parakas National Park you can walk along the beach, unique, thanks to the red sand. In the vicinity of San Isidro, many tourists are attracted by the Olive grove.

 In October of each year on the central square of Lima there is a religious holiday of El Senor de los Milagros. A huge number of people gather here to look at the festive procession and plunge into the indescribable atmosphere of the celebration.

 Peru is still a country with many interesting mysteries.