Sixth International Hispanic Scientific Conference : Page 2 of 2

the conference: Diplomacy, politics, economy and law in iberoamerican world; history and modernity; axioms and paradoxes of the iberoamerican world view; actual issues of the Spanish language and literature; social and linguistic situation in iberoamerican countries; actual issues of competency building approach to teaching translation and Spanish as a professional language.

Reports read during the conference will be published in ‘Iberoamerican Notebooks’ science almanac which is a joint project of an Iberoamerican center and Institute of international studies of MGIMO, University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia and is registered in the Russian Science Citation Index. The edition is addressed both to experts of international law and wide range of readers interested in modern problems, tendencies and perspectives of political, economic and social and cultural development of Latin America and countries located on the Perinea peninsula in Europe.


Prof., Candidate of Philological Sciences M.V. Larionova

Yu.V. Slivchikova