This article is about five most interesting national parks of the United States - one of the largest in its territory countries of the world, spreading over many different climatic zones.

1. Congaree

State: South Carolina

Location: 90 minutes drive from Charlotte Douglas Airport

Area: 107 square km

Founded: 2003

Достопримечательности Аргентины

 From this article you will learn about the unforgettable sights of Argentina, the natural wonders of South America, as well as the man-made monuments that will not leave you indifferent.

Озера Северной Америки - озеро Берг,

Canadian mountain lakes with clear blue water are wonderful in their cold, harsh beauty, and numerous posters have spread this beauty around the world. When it comes to the lakes of North America, immediately there is an association with the Great Lakes, but apart from them there are thousands of others that you should visit at least once in your life.

Royal Dutch Shell в Мексике,

Almost everyone knows about United States and Canadian investment in Mexico thanks to the ample information provided regarding the North American Free Trade Agreement. But how many people are aware of Dutch investment in Mexico? Not many, probably.


 One of many places on the planet that travellers want to visit is a small but amazingly beautiful country, comfortably located in Central America, washed by the soft waves of the Pacific Ocean from the west, and the "pirate" waters of the Caribbean Sea from the east - Costa Rica.

засуха в США,

The Board of Control of the State Water Resources adopted rules requiring cities to limit watering of public property and encourage homeowners.
California regulators adopted unprecedented broad restrictions on how people and companies can use the water because of the intense drought in the state.
The Board of Control of the State Water Resources on Tuesday approved rules requiring cities to limit watering of public property and encourage homeowners to dry their lawns.

Large storms that occur in Saturn every two or three decades are caused by atmospheric moisture, according to the "Nature Geosciencie" journal.
Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have developed a theoretical model in which moisture prevents the formation of storms for years on the planet, until the accumulated energy unleashed in a storm.

мировые достопримечательности,

Global warming, nature and man are causing changes in the ecosystem, so many parts of the world are threatened with extinction. So we have made a selection of tourist attractions you should see, because the forecasts suggest that they will not last long.

эпидемия Эбола,

The epidemic of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in West Africa caused more than 10,000 deaths, reported on Thursday the World Health Organization (WHO) in its latest statement, updated on March 10.
In total 24’350 people have been affected by this epidemic, according to the same source.
Since the beginning of the spread of the virus in early 2014, 4’162 people have died and 9’343 people have been affected in Liberia.

Засуха в Боливии

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA (19/JUN/2013.) - The Bolivian government has declared today a national emergency due to the drought in four of the nine states of Bolivia, where nearly 17 000 families have been left homeless, informed Ruben Saavedra of the Ministry of Defense,.
Drought affected twelve municipalities in the regions of Chuquisaca, Tarija, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, with slightly more than 86 000 hectares and almost 49 000 heads of cattle, the senior official explained.