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Доктор Роберто Мангабейра Унгер

elites are to a very large extent servile, they are submissive to the intellectual fashions and alternatives that are imported from the Academy of the North Atlantic countries. And in that Academy – I speak with internal knowledge – what prevails in every branch of social and historical study is some very anti-right wing Hegelianism, belief, that the real is rational. This mystification stands in the place of insight.

VIGIL: Does it mean that it is necessary to reset the whole system of international mechanisms?

R. Unger: Yes. But there is a sequence: first, we have to change ourselves, then we have to change our countries, and only then we have to change the world.

VIGIL: Thank you, Mr. Unger!

R.Unger: Thank you, it has been a pleasure.