Международный Фонд Инвестиционного Сотрудничества

Active expansion of Russian ties with Latin America has generated a need for an annual international forum, which will make it possible to share experience and technologies, and strengthen investment cooperation. The first experience was the conference "Russia - Latin America. Ways of Development and Strengthening of Trade and Economic Relations" in Moscow organized by the International Investment Cooperation Fund.

Флаг Швейцарии

It is no secret that today Switzerland is one of the most stable trading partners of Russia. And for the Swiss side, Russia is part of the seven priorities in the cooperation in the scientific field, where a new phase of development is expected after the signing of the bilateral treaty on cooperation in science and technology.

Митинг безработных

Unemployment has shown its darker side, becoming perhaps the biggest economic and social problem worldwide. The current situation is not very different from the Great Depression of the 1930s, when millions of people were left without work.

Экономика США

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES (26/JUN/2013.) - The U.S. economic performance during the first three months of the year was weaker than initially reported to register a growth of just 1.8 percent, reported the Commerce Department.

The figure represented a substantial retreat from the 2.5 growth in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which was first reported by the Commerce Department last April.

However, the figure was placed above the paltry 0.4 percent that was reported during the fourth quarter of 2012.

Бедность в Латинской Америке

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES (14/JUN/2013.) - The Latin American and Caribbean countries in 2011 managed to have a greater number of people living in the middle class than in poverty, but the region is still far from reaching the prosperity of the rich countries as one out of four Latin Americans lives on less than four dollars a day, reported the World Bank on Friday.

Влияние доллара США на мировую экономику

The U.S. tax law that would force financial institutions worldwide to report to U.S. tax authorities will increase expenses and modify global banking culture, financial experts said today.

"From 2014 we will have another way of banking," said at a press conference the specialist in risk consulting firm Deloitte, Ramon Arosemena.

Неисчезающий рай, налоговые гавани,

Very little has changed since the G-20 announced the end of offshore havens in 2009. A new report by the NGO ActionAid puts in question the British government's political will to combat the problem.

Форум "Инженеры будущего"

This year the Russian Engineering Union is celebrating its first jubilee. Within five years the organization not only united the leading companies of the country, but became a powerful driving force. The important step was made last year, when a new political trend connected with participation in All-Russia People’s Front arose. 

понятия «доходность» и «риск» всегда идут рука об руку

It is well known from the finance theory that “profit” and “risk” terms always go hand in hand, as in case of change of any parameter the other one changes as well. There are a lot of theoretical and applied researches based on the classic “Portfolio Theory” of Harry Markowitz describing a combination of risky and risk-free assets (practical financiers also widely use the William Sharpe ratio).

Рыночные аномалии, или почему не работают основные законы на финансовых рынках,

In the financial world occurrences which have not found their expression in fundamental scientific works yet regularly appear and persist for a long time. Let’s consider the most interesting and fundamental ones.