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Хосе Антонио Соролья

Residents of cities, immersed in the hustle and bustle of the city, thinking about the rest, most often imagine some uninhabited sunny and sandy beach with palm trees. And the sea itself is associated with a state of serenity, joy, and peace. However, this is only one of its visions.

Галерея «ФАЙН АРТ» – 20 лет в искусстве

In 2012, Fine Art Gallery celebrated its 20th anniversary. Two decades, is it much or little? We would like to introduce one of the first galleries in Russia, before it’s creation the gallery business was virtually non-existent. Almost all galleries that were opened in the 90-s of the previous century are gone now. Experts speak about the difficulties of doing such business in Russia. But in the opinion of the curators of Fine Art, an art gallery is not a business but a way of life and service to beauty.

Симон Боливар

For most countries in Latin America Simon Bolivar is not only representing freedom from the colonial past, but also the national idea that in different countries has overcome an excellent, complex and long path of development and formation. Another important fact is that S. Bolivar was a Creole, and the liberation movement was initiated by the followers of the Spaniards. It was then picked up all over the continent and evolved over time to be used by the local population.

Эрнесто "Че" Гевара

HAVANA, CUBA (13/JUN/2013.) - Cuba began today celebrations of the 85th anniversary of legendary Argentine-Cuban guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara, which will take place tomorrow 14th June, to remember and to analyze his particular vision of socialism.

The life and work of the guerrilla commander are topics of the symposium "Che Guevara at the current time" opened on Thursday in the Ministry of Higher Education in Havana.

Обама и Умала

11 JUN. 2013. The presidents of the United States, B. Obama, and Peru, O. Humala, agreed today to promote educational exchanges between the two countries and strengthen cooperation against the "scourge" of the drugs.

"The state of our relationship is very strong," summarized Obama after receiving Humala in the Oval Office at the White House.

Российско-испанское сотрудничество,

Spanish traditions and culture are becoming increasingly popular in Russia. First of all, it was proved by “crossover” 2011 year of Spain and Russia, during which hundreds of events took place at very different levels. It put a considerable pace to the expansion of ties between the civil societies of both countries.

Европа: в борьбе с солнечной активностью,

Europe warns of “growing” threat of a catastrophic solar storm

 EC report says that a catastrophic solar storm could affect power grids and telecommunications, satellite navigation, banking, media, air and sea transport.