Dilma Rousseff recognizes that there's an economic problem in Brazil


Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, acknowledged today that there is an "economic problem" in the country, although she hopes that the recovery will come later this year thanks to fiscal adjustments, made by the government.
"Without a shadow of doubt, there is an economic problem in the country. We had a very difficult economic situation," said Rousseff during a meeting with bloggers and journalists from several Brazilian news portals.
The president stressed that despite the delicate situation in the Latin Americans giant, Brazil "did not suffer the effects of past economic crises", but admitted that there will be "reduce in the pace of social policies and infrastructural projects" confirmed some of the journalists, presented at the interview .
However, the head of state said that Brazil will continue to make concessions of roads and energy auctions and stressed that the South American country is "able to keep up the policy aimed at increasing the minimum wage."

Regarding the political question, Rousseff said that differences in the alliance, which have inflicted several disagreements in the government voting on legislative projects vital to the Executives, are all part of the political game.
"Much of what is considered Crisis (political) routinely happens in Congress," she said.
Discrepancies with her ruling base have led Rousseff last week to elimination of the Secretariat for Institutional Relations, which was responsible for all negotiations between the government and the Congress, and to delegating the responsibility to her vice president Michel Temer.
The decision seeks to strengthen the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB), the country's largest electoral force, chaired by Temer- the main partner of the Rousseff’s ruling Workers Party (PT) in coalition with the government.
"The participation of Temer in political negotiations will make a big leap. It's not magic, it's a negotiation," said the president.
On the state oil company Petrobras, immersed in a huge corruption scandal, the president said the crimes were committed by "certain individuals" and not by the company.
"From the point of view of management, Petrobras is a 'whole piece'. The problems that needed to be resolved, have been resolved," she added.