The Colony

Колония Дигнидад

 The Colony (Colonia /Dignidad/) movie contains many shocking and brutal scenes that are not meant for nervous spectators and children. The story of Lena and Daniel is contrived, but it is based on real events that took place in Chile. The story keeps the viewer in full attention until the very last second, and the film itself is an example of a good European thriller. The director Florian Gallenberger managed to make not only a fascinating film, but also to let feel the atmosphere of that time, recreated with amazing accuracy and great attention for detail.

 Chile, 1971. In power - President Salvador Allende, the transition to the socialist system seems not far off. The very beginning of autumn is still warm and sunny. In these days, the stewardess Lena (Emma Watson) arrives in Santiago, the capital of Chile, where her friend is, photographer Daniel (Daniel Brühl). They have a few days to spend together, and they use it until September 11, when a military coup happens in the country. General Augusto Pinochet comes to power, who will go down in history as one of the bloodiest rulers.

The Colony

 Daniel, who belongs to a group of politically active students, shoots what is happening on the streets. The police notices this, and he and Lena are arrested and taken to the stadium, where thousands of supporters of Allende have already been gathered. In front of the frightened Lena, Daniel is thrown into an alleged "ambulance" and taken to an unknown destination.

 Many in such a situation would try to leave the country as soon as possible, besides Lena has such an opportunity - the crew of the plane must fly back, but Lena decides to stay and find Daniel. When attempts to obtain information formally do not bring the slightest benefit, she decides to act at her own risk. People say that somewhere in the forest there is a German colony, in fact a sect in which some dissenters are held, and Daniel may well be there. After changing clothes, Lena decides to enter the colony. It seems to her that she will quickly find him, and they will escape together, but the reality looks quite different.

 Founded in 1961, the Colony of Dignidad is a closed community, almost a state in the state, organized on the principle of a concentration camp. It has severe rules, physical punishment, humiliation, bullying. All of this Lena soon experiences on her own skin. And Daniel really is there, but it looks like that after cruel tortures, he has lost his mind. Lena takes several months to find the opportunity to leave the terrible camp, but the leaders of the colony stand on her way.