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Алисия Родригес на Алтае

to be the right person to be handed the Maitreya bracelet due to my mission accomplished for 27 years under the Banner of Peace.

Believe me I have never had an item with such high and strong vibrations in my hands. I have no words to express my gratitude for the honor.

Another gift that also left me speechless was the gift of Russian artist Afanasiy Gelich: a picture representing my work in the world under the Banner of Peace.

The nice artist Nikolai and his wife and the great writer Elena Roerich are in the foreground. Their religious advisor Mahatma is in the center and I am in the background of the picture mounted on a galloping horse with a Banner of Peace in my hand:

The picture was handed to me with the following words:

‘Alicia you are the bridge of love between America and Russia’.

I am deeply grateful for the words and symbolic picture which I will take to the Mexico City where I have been living since I was four years old.

The reasons for my visiting Siberia are different. I discovered some of them during my visit but one and probably the most important reason was to load with energy in the presence of our Spiritual teaches to ensure the unity between the followers of the Banner of Peace no matter where the Banner could be.


My friends, let us live according to the message of Nikolai Roerich to achieve the peace between all the countries of the planet: provide for unity in diversity.

We won’t wait until everyone who wants peace will start thinking in a similar way but we must understand that we need to provide for unity in diversity in the diversity of opinions.

I hope that when I come from my far-away country to Russia again you will feel my hand tightening on yours passing Roerich’s Banner of Peace on to those who love peace so that we could all create an imaginary circle and being delighted feel the beating of our heart that could BECOME ONE and thus be the guiding star in the best interests of the mankind.

Being humble and loving…

Alicia Rodriguez .