Строительство метро
Mosmetrostroy is one of the big-scale Russian companies engaged into construction of major facilities of urban transport infrastructure. Its history has started in 1931, when it was necessary to implement the government’s decision to build a subway in the Russian capital. For 80 years the workers of the company have built 180 Moscow subway stations, laid 600  km of main line tunnels, and constructed junctions and more than 30 km of hubs.
Кастро и Сантос
BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA (15 Aug/2013)-the leader of the guerrillas of the FARC, Timoleón Jiménez, "Timochenko", said that the threat of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos to give low (kill him) if the army finds it harms the peace process.
Пластическая косметология
Do you pay attention to how faces are changing with age? A charming woman suddenly sees in the mirror circles under her eyes, lowered corners of the eyebrows, eyes, and lips, fallen cheeks, and ineffective curves of the body contour. Speaking the language of science, age-related changes are accompanied by an increase in the skin area and reduced amount of subcutaneous fat.  
Водопад Анхель
Let us go to the north of South America, namely, to Venezuela, which is extremely popular in terms of economic investments in the tourism sector. At Columbus time, the country was called the Land of Grace because of its abundant flora and fauna, and fertile soil. It is in these bountiful lands where the famous Canaima is located, which is mentioned in many stories, legends, fairy tales, films, folk art pieces, and works of art.
Уго Чавес
It is difficult to imagine the political map of the world   of the beginning of the new millennium without the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, its active foreign policy, and the socio-economic transformations, which had been held in the country under the leadership of the President Hugo Chavez during the last fourteen years.
Папка ЦРУ "Совершенно секретно"
Two agents of the Central Intelligence Agency of United States (CIA) participated in the torture of two Cuban diplomats during the last military dictatorship in Argentina (1976-1983), as was denounced by the State Agency of legal information (Infojus).
Константин Косачев
How would you evaluate the efficiency of involvement with the compatriots from the time it was decided to resume such involvement?
Корабли ВМФ России
HAVANA, CUBA (03/AGO/2013.) - Ships of the Russian Navy arrived on Saturday in Havana to meet a program of activities, stated the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba (FAR). The naval vessels fired in salute 21 gun salute, while the FAR responded with an artillery battery from the Fortress of San Carlos de La Cabaña.
ЦРУ и климатический контроль
The CIA is funding a study on geoengineering (climate manipulation) that will last 21 months, with an initial cost of 630 thousand dollars. The National Academy of Sciences, will run it with the participation of NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in that country.
Андроид - шпион
MEXICO City (Aug/02/2013)-the "Wall Street Journal" revealed on Friday that the FBI has the ability to remotely activate the microphones on Android phones to record conversations. If this information, filtered again by Edward Snowden, were true, 80 percent of smart phones in the world and 67 per cent of devices that work with Google's operating system, according to Strategy Analytics would be vulnerable to be intervened.


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