Россия и Бразилия
RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL (11/JUN/2013.) - The Brazilian government proposed to Russia, one of the initiators of the international peace conference on Syria to allow their participation and that of the other countries "to contribute to consensus " announced on Tuesday Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota.
Влияние доллара США на мировую экономику
The U.S. tax law that would force financial institutions worldwide to report to U.S. tax authorities will increase expenses and modify global banking culture, financial experts said today. "From 2014 we will have another way of banking," said at a press conference the specialist in risk consulting firm Deloitte, Ramon Arosemena.
Обама и Умала
11 JUN. 2013. The presidents of the United States, B. Obama, and Peru, O. Humala, agreed today to promote educational exchanges between the two countries and strengthen cooperation against the "scourge" of the drugs. "The state of our relationship is very strong," summarized Obama after receiving Humala in the Oval Office at the White House.
Неисчезающий рай, налоговые гавани,
Very little has changed since the G-20 announced the end of offshore havens in 2009. A new report by the NGO ActionAid puts in question the British government's political will to combat the problem.
9 мая - святой день
The May 9 is a sacred day ... And not just for the citizens of the former Soviet Union, but also for all progressive mankind! 22 years have passed since the Soviet Union has ceased to exist - 15 republics, 15 sisters ..... But on May 9 fade all visible and invisible borders between the former Soviet republics, in this day all veterans who have survived in that terrible war and their descendants take to the streets of cities and villages, joined again by the spirit of brotherhood, and in the day of the Great Victory.
Корпорация «Иркут»
The team of one of the Russian biggest aircraft plants the public corporation “Corporation Irkut” became the winner in the team event at the international forum “Engineers of the Future-2012”.
Леса – это легкие планеты
Only after the last tree has been cut down, Only after the last river has been poisoned, Only after the last fish has been caught,  Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.  (Cree Indian Prophecy)
Москва - Сантьяго, Россия - Чили
Russia and Chile should broaden close cooperation in all respects year by year. This is the opinion of Michail Orlovets, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Chile. In his interview to our journal he told us about political, trade, economic, and cultural aspects of cooperation, and also gave useful advice to Russian entrepreneurs.
Форум "Инженеры будущего"
This year the Russian Engineering Union is celebrating its first jubilee. Within five years the organization not only united the leading companies of the country, but became a powerful driving force. The important step was made last year, when a new political trend connected with participation in All-Russia People’s Front arose. 
20 years is an insignificant moment for a planet’s life, but it is considerable time for the development of a state, as for a man it is a long period. Exactly two decades ago at the Summit on Earth Problems in Rio de Janeiro leaders from more than 100 countries after approving “Agenda for 21 century” worked out a program on sustainable development security.


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