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Мексиканские ученые в США,

Mexican scientists and researchers are forced to seek employment and career development abroad due to a lack of infrastructure and resources as well as government corruption that prevent them from advancing in their work, say Mexican academics based in the United States.

Нейрофизиология - российские высокие технологии

The reality of our time - the project Neuronet

 In Russia, from 2007 to 2015, a new program for the information development of society was adopted. It manifested itself in all spheres of human life, from the introduction of biometric passports to the technology of connecting the human brain with a computer and genetic engineering. The next stage in the development of neurophysiology involves the management of consciousness and the human body at the genetic level.

Наша авиация

On the 27th October 2015, a Tupolev 142 made numerous approaches to the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, which was working on maneuvers with the 7th fleet and the South Korean Navy to the East of the peninsula.

Since April 2014, the Russian Air Force has engaged in a number of actions aimed at testing their system for scrambling NATO communications and commands [1].

Самая далекая галактика,

Astronomers have discovered a young galaxy that is the farthest ever seen: it is 13,1 billion light years away and is among the first generation of galaxies in the universe.
Scientists from Yale and the University of California at Santa Cruz used three telescopes to spot and then calculate the age of the blurred galaxy. It is called EGS-zs8-1 and dates back some 670 million years after the Primordial Explosion (Big Bang) that gave birth to the universe.


In Latin America there are some 420 aircrafts manufactured in Russia which include a hundred helicopters Mi-8/17, 18 fighters Su-25, 31 MiG-29 and 70 MiG-21. On Wednesday Rostec the Russian state company said it is considering creating a center for aircraft maintenance and Russian helicopters in Latin America. “Rostec” has revealed that the first center for component repairs and parts replacement, as a pilot project will be created in Peru.

Large storms that occur in Saturn every two or three decades are caused by atmospheric moisture, according to the "Nature Geosciencie" journal.
Researchers at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have developed a theoretical model in which moisture prevents the formation of storms for years on the planet, until the accumulated energy unleashed in a storm.

Российский вертолет

Today, Helicopter engineering is one of the leading and most stable sectors of the Russian economy. This high-tech and knowledge-intensive industry maintained its competitiveness both in difficult post-Soviet times and during the global financial crisis.

Турбина, Силовые Машины

La Esca is a unique hydraulic structure with one of the world’s highest earth dams with a reinforced concrete shield (it   reaches a height of 220 meters). The plant is the top level of the hydropower cascade on the Rio Grande de Santiago river on the border of the states of Jalisco and Nayarit. The main power equipment for the two of the previously constructed HPPs of this cascade - 975 MW Aguamilpa and 750 MW El Cajon - was also supplied by Power Machines (they installed the same hydrogenerators at  El Cajon).

ископаемые остатки предполагаемых летающих рыб

LIMA, PERU (01/SEP/2013)-the fossil remains of a so-called flying fish, which would have lived more than 100 million years ago in the North of Peru, was discovered by a team of experts from the Museum of natural sciences of Chiclayo, a local newspaper reported today.

Строительство метро

Mosmetrostroy is one of the big-scale Russian companies engaged into construction of major facilities of urban transport infrastructure. Its history has started in 1931, when it was necessary to implement the government’s decision to build a subway in the Russian capital. For 80 years the workers of the company have built 180 Moscow subway stations, laid 600  km of main line tunnels, and constructed junctions and more than 30 km of hubs.