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Создание Курдистана

France, the participants concluded - « In the context of the final declaration of the last G20 summit, held in Antalya, as well as resolution (2015) 2249 of the Security Council of the United Nations, Turkey and the European Union re-affirm that the fight against terrorism remains a priority » (sic) [14].

In application of the Juppé Plan of 2011, the negotiations for the adhesion of Turkey to the EU were re-activated, the visa régime is in the process of being repealed, and, as icing on the cake, the Union agreed to transfer 3 billion Euros to Turkey, allegedly to help manage the Syrian refugee crisis.

The French Parliament [15] and the British House of Commons [16], convinced that resolution 2249 authorises them to intervene in Syria without the agreement of Damascus, gave their Executives the go-ahead for military intervention in Syria. These interventions, which are exclusively aerial, have been presented as targeting Daesh. During the debates, none of the Chambers concerned évoked the question of a pseudo-Kurdistan.

Contrary to the declarations made to the Press, no-one has changed their policy regarding Daesh. The terrorist organisation is still supported by its creators – US personalities close to David Petraeus and John Negroponte, and the governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Only the Iraqi Shias, the Lebanese Hezbollah, the Syrian Arab Army and Russia are fighting Daesh. The operations of the US Coalition have never had any other objective than « containing » Daesh, never to eradicate it. The game today consists of « liberating » Northern Syria in order to implement its immediate occupation by the Iraqi Kurds, and to push push back Daesh in Iraq to the district of Al-Anbar which has been reserved for it. The only difference since the Russian intervention is that the Western Alliance has given up the idea of forcing Daesh to occupy the Syrian desert.

Keep in mind :  
France and the United Kingdom have managed to make their public opinion believe that Resolution 2249 authorises them to intervene in Syria against Daesh. On this basis, they have obtained the authorisation of their parliaments to begin bombing, but without the authorisation of Syria. 
On the ground, they believe they can count on the Turkmen militias (supported by the Turkish army) and the Kurdish YPG (supported by Israël and the Regional Kurdish Government of Iraq). 
The aim of these intervention is not to eradicate Daesh because of its programme of ethnic cleansing, but to displace them to Al-Anbar, and to continue the ethnic cleansing, this time in Northern Syria, to create a pseudo-Kurdistan.

Pete Kimberley


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