L. Matute

Мексиканская кухня

We invite you to enjoy Mexican cuisine.

Водопад Анхель

Let us go to the north of South America, namely, to Venezuela, which is extremely popular in terms of economic investments in the tourism sector. At Columbus time, the country was called the Land of Grace because of its abundant flora and fauna, and fertile soil. It is in these bountiful lands where the famous Canaima is located, which is mentioned in many stories, legends, fairy tales, films, folk art pieces, and works of art.

9 мая - святой день

The May 9 is a sacred day ... And not just for the citizens of the former Soviet Union, but also for all progressive mankind! 22 years have passed since the Soviet Union has ceased to exist - 15 republics, 15 sisters ..... But on May 9 fade all visible and invisible borders between the former Soviet republics, in this day all veterans who have survived in that terrible war and their descendants take to the streets of cities and villages, joined again by the spirit of brotherhood, and in the day of the Great Victory.