ископаемые остатки предполагаемых летающих рыб

LIMA, PERU (01/SEP/2013)-the fossil remains of a so-called flying fish, which would have lived more than 100 million years ago in the North of Peru, was discovered by a team of experts from the Museum of natural sciences of Chiclayo, a local newspaper reported today.

Эрнесто "Че" Гевара

HAVANA, CUBA (13/JUN/2013.) - Cuba began today celebrations of the 85th anniversary of legendary Argentine-Cuban guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara, which will take place tomorrow 14th June, to remember and to analyze his particular vision of socialism.

The life and work of the guerrilla commander are topics of the symposium "Che Guevara at the current time" opened on Thursday in the Ministry of Higher Education in Havana.

9 мая - святой день

The May 9 is a sacred day ... And not just for the citizens of the former Soviet Union, but also for all progressive mankind! 22 years have passed since the Soviet Union has ceased to exist - 15 republics, 15 sisters ..... But on May 9 fade all visible and invisible borders between the former Soviet republics, in this day all veterans who have survived in that terrible war and their descendants take to the streets of cities and villages, joined again by the spirit of brotherhood, and in the day of the Great Victory.

Российско-испанское сотрудничество,

Spanish traditions and culture are becoming increasingly popular in Russia. First of all, it was proved by “crossover” 2011 year of Spain and Russia, during which hundreds of events took place at very different levels. It put a considerable pace to the expansion of ties between the civil societies of both countries.