Propaganda: Putin allegedly isolated at G20 Summit

Путин G20,

The Atlanticist media is categorical: Vladimir Putin was isolated at the G20 because of his aggressive behavior towards the Ukrainian crisis.

However, at no time, did Washington and its allies dare to broach their differences with Russia at the G20, with the "rest of the world" standing together behind Vladimir Putin. The word "Ukraine" is not mentioned in any of the G20 documents.

How is it then that almost every major newspaper in NATO Member States has indulged in the same lie?

As an example, 
the headlines in the French press

Le Figaro

Front page: "Isolated at G20"

Inside page: "Under fire from critics at G20"

Le Monde

Front page: (cartoon) "Putin expelled from paradise"

Inside page: "Putin more isolated than ever at G20"


Front page: "Putin, the pariah. Isolated at G20 in Australia"

Inside page: "Putin against the rest of the world"