The FBI spies on Android users: Snowden

Андроид - шпион

MEXICO City (Aug/02/2013)-the "Wall Street Journal" revealed on Friday that the FBI has the ability to remotely activate the microphones on Android phones to record conversations. If this information, filtered again by Edward Snowden, were true, 80 percent of smart phones in the world and 67 per cent of devices that work with Google's operating system, according to Strategy Analytics would be vulnerable to be intervened. According to the print media, with this tool, the intelligence and Security Agency could record dialogues of the users who have Android portable devices with help of 'hacking' tools and a wireless system. The necessary software can be installed by means of a USB or via the Internet, as does a Trojan that download and install the program when the user opens a web site link. The information captured by the FBI through this surveillance system would deal with cases of organized crime, child pornography or combat terrorism, reported the "Wall Street Journal".