HONG KONG, CHINA (12/JUN/2013.) - The Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei criticized today the US wiretapping program, revealed in internet by a former CIA agent, and warned that this could lead Beijing to increase its control.

"The United States dominates the highest technologies, is the leader. Many standards on information, on ethics, on legislation are established by these leaders," said the artist, to the South China Morning Post on Wednesday.

Facebook против Google

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES (12/JUN/2013.) - Facebook today joined Google in asking U.S. federal authorities permission to release data related to cyber spying programs secretly revealed to the press last week.

Facebook's general counsel, Ted Ullyot, said today: "we would welcome an opportunity to provide a transparent report that would allow us to share worldwide with those who use Facebook the picture of the requirements which we have received from the government and how we responded" .