Эквадор и США

QUITO, ECUADOR (27/JUN/2013.) - Ecuador's government announced on Thursday that it waives tariff preferences it receives from the United States due to the pressures of the case of former U.S. spy Edward Snowden, who sought asylum at the South American country.

The communications secretary of the Presidency of Ecuador, Fernando Alvarado said Ecuador "does not accept pressure or threats from anyone, and does not trade the principles for the mercantile interests, however important they may be".

Снайперы в укрытии

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES (26/JUN/2013.) - The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have begun to move weapons to Jordan as part of the U.S. plan to strengthen the forces fighting against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, said today The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Опасность радиации

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES (19/JUN/2013.) - The U.S. federal authorities today accused two men from New York of conspiring to build a weapon of directed energy beams supposedly able to kill "enemies of Israel" with the same power as the 1945 U.S. nuclear attack on Hiroshima.

Засуха в Боливии

LA PAZ, BOLIVIA (19/JUN/2013.) - The Bolivian government has declared today a national emergency due to the drought in four of the nine states of Bolivia, where nearly 17 000 families have been left homeless, informed Ruben Saavedra of the Ministry of Defense,.
Drought affected twelve municipalities in the regions of Chuquisaca, Tarija, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, with slightly more than 86 000 hectares and almost 49 000 heads of cattle, the senior official explained.

Путин и Обама

Enniskillen, UK (17/JUN/2013.) - United States and Russia acknowledged today that their positions on the conflict in Syria are divergent, but stressed that share mutual interest to end violence and warring parties to negotiate.

The U.S. president, Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin, discussed today at the G8 summit, the dramatic situation in Syria during a meeting that lasted more than two hours.

Эдвард Сноуден

LONDON, GREAT BRITAIN (17/JUN/2013.) - Edward Snowden, responsible for the leaks of the secret surveillance programs in the U.S. currently in hiding in Hong Kong, told the British newspaper "The Guardian" that the government of his country can’t "stop the truth."

Бунт мигрантов

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES (12/JUN/2013.) - The United States Senate debate on comprehensive immigration law on Wednesday focused on border security.

Republicans argued that the bill requires much stricter clauses in the area and some Republicans suggested that Democrats simply want to destroy the project.


HONG KONG, CHINA (12/JUN/2013.) - The Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei criticized today the US wiretapping program, revealed in internet by a former CIA agent, and warned that this could lead Beijing to increase its control.

"The United States dominates the highest technologies, is the leader. Many standards on information, on ethics, on legislation are established by these leaders," said the artist, to the South China Morning Post on Wednesday.

Россия и Бразилия

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL (11/JUN/2013.) - The Brazilian government proposed to Russia, one of the initiators of the international peace conference on Syria to allow their participation and that of the other countries "to contribute to consensus " announced on Tuesday Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota.

9 мая - святой день

The May 9 is a sacred day ... And not just for the citizens of the former Soviet Union, but also for all progressive mankind! 22 years have passed since the Soviet Union has ceased to exist - 15 republics, 15 sisters ..... But on May 9 fade all visible and invisible borders between the former Soviet republics, in this day all veterans who have survived in that terrible war and their descendants take to the streets of cities and villages, joined again by the spirit of brotherhood, and in the day of the Great Victory.