Golden airplanes of the ancient Indians of Colombia

Золотые самолетики

The exposition of the museum, which is located in the building of the state bank of Colombia, you can see the figures made of pure gold. They are very similar to beautiful birds. Their size is only from one to four centimeters. Scientists have discovered them during the scientific and archeological expeditions, during excavations of the burials of the leaders of Indian tribes. Presumably, they were used as decorations in the form of brooches. But there is also a hypothesis that these are ancient amulets. Researchers dated them to the fifth century BC.

 In those days in the territory of modern Colombia lived the ancient tribes of Talim. All information about this people can be found from the tablets, installed next to the exhibits. It seems that everything is clear. But...

Golden airplane

 In 1969, the jeweler Emanuel Staub was particularly interested in one of the exhibited birds. It seemed to him surprisingly similar a modern plane.

 Staub asked the museum's administration to take a picture of this bird and received it. He sent the picture to his good friend, a well-known zoologist. He carefully considered the pictures and concluded that similar birds in nature do not exist and did not exist in ancient times. The zoologist's opinion interested many enthusiasts, including designers and aircraft experts. They immediately expressed their unanimous opinion that this is a reduced copy of an aircraft.

 Prehistoric tribe of Indians and suddenly - a plane. It's incredible. The sensation in a very short time has turned into a stunning news. Historians began to look for similar figures in all archaeological museums of the world and private collections. Over the past forty years, they have found more than thirty. As it turned out, during the excavations they were found not only in Colombia, but also in Peru, Costa Rica , Venezuela, and even as far from these countries as India.

Golden airplane

 The Scientists again reread the oldest manuscripts, trying to find traces of these golden birds. After all, these documents sometimes come across descriptions of flying machines - vimans. And, indeed, in several of them different types of mechanisms designed for flight were described in detail. The description of the engine and even fuel was found. They described the smallest details: what trace the wheels leave, the minimum take-off length. Perhaps people observed the take-off and landing of these objects and described in detail everything they saw ..

 There is also a special hypothesis. What if it was described by people, who were fantasizing. They observed the flight of a bird or a dragonfly and imagined how people would fly in the future. Quite a good version. If you imagine that these fantasies were told to other people, and they embodied it in their works. Maybe that’s how the little airplanes were made? Unfortunately, none of the versions has supporting proves. We can only give vent to the imagination, and scientists continue the research ...